about us

   We are a non-governmental organization carrying out our work by the Church of God in Poland. One of our goals is to help children, young people and their families. We want to make a visible difference to the society by a systematic contact and work with these families.

    Every person who knows us or is familiar with our work knows how trustworthy we are. We ran a Centre of Humanitarian Aid ‘Compassion’ by the church. We focused our actions on work with children, young people and their families. We used to manage a community centre for 100 children in cooperation with school counsellors bearing the simple message that “God loves you and cares for you”. Our aid reached children, families, kindergartens and non-governmental organizations. We handed out food, clothes, toys, notebooks and stationery, chalk, building materials but most of all - our time. We helped children and young people achieve better results at school. We organized birthday parties for kids and often found out that some children had never had birthday parties before, nor got any birthday presents. Thanks to our work with children we reached their parents and we could support them with food. The food aid amounted to 10 tons a month and was granted from the EU program and coordinated by the Food Bank in Krakow. We organized a few days’ trips on Children’s Day and our reward were smiles of the children.

    We are focused on systematic work and your help can greatly help us achieve this goal. Join us and rejoice with us in children’s smiles!

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