Who are we?
The Church of God in Poland is a Christian church that legally operates in the Republic of Poland based on the decision of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. It was entered into the registry of Churches and other religious associations on 12 January 1996 on the basis of “Ustawa o gwarancjach wolno?ci sumienia I wyznania” (“Act on Guarantees of Freedom of Conscience and Religion”).

It is part of the Church of God based in Cleveland in the state of Tennessee in the USA and represents the worldwide charismatic movement that was formed on the turn of the XIX century and which is currently the fastest growing and the biggest Christian movement in the world. Today the movement is represented by many Pentecostal Churches, Charismatic Churches, the Holy Spirit Renewal Movement in the Catholic Church and charismatic groups in many traditional protestant Churches and in the Orthodox Church. Experts on religion estimate that there are over 500 million charismatic Christians in the world nowadays. The movement was established at the turn of the XIX century as a result of prayer and search of those who wanted the revival of the Christianity described in the New Testament. The word “charisma” itself means “the gift of grace” (from Greek charis – grace) and describes the way God endows people. It is closely related to the experiences of the New Testament Church described in the Acts of Apostles, chapter two. On the Pentecost day the Apostles and the first followers of Jesus Christ were christened in the Holy Spirit and started their missionary work proclaiming the good news about salvation in Jesus Christ. They went to preach the gospel around the world, healing people, chasing out demons, resurrecting the dead and lifting those who have fallen. Today this experience is alive for the members of the charismatic movement all over the world, because “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). Our preaching and the form of service are a reflection of the way of life of the first Christian Churches.

The Church of God is the oldest protestant Pentecostal Church. Its beginnings date back to the 1880s and are connected to the Wesleyan Holiness Revival Movement initiated by groups organizing tent missions for American Methodists in the mid-XIX century. Its purpose was to renew moral values and unify American Protestants after the American Civil War. Currently the Church of God has about 8 million worshippers around the world and is especially active in third world countries in Asia, Africa and South America. The first missionaries of the movement appeared in Europe in 1920s. In Poland there are about 25 000 Pentecostals and Protestant charismatics and over 100 000 members of Catholic Holy Spirit Renewal Movements. The Church of God in Poland forms a union comprising of nine independent local churches. Additionally, missionary work is carried out in two towns. The Church owns a publishing house – Instytut Wydawniczy “Compassion” (“Compassion” Printing Institute) that has published over 20 books in the Polish language. We run a Humanitarian Aid Centre, a community centre for children and young people from poor families, etc.

The Church of God in Poland, as well as other Protestant evangelical churches (among others the Pentecostal Church, the Christian Baptist Union, the Evangelical Union Christians) gathers people who have consciously decided to entrust God and were baptised in their adulthood by complete immersion in water.

In accordance with the teaching of the Holy Bible we believe that the reason for all problems troubling the mankind (illnesses, poverty, addictions, rejection, insecurity, psychical problems) is the sin, that is life without God. The first man, because of the decision in the paradise, has led the whole humanity to fall and because of the sin the evil started ruling the world. Paul, the Apostle, wrote that „all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and that “the wages of sin is death”. This has placed the whole mankind infested with sin in an unusual place – a dead end position. But God loves man and decided to change this situation. For this reason he sent his only begotten son to take all the sins to the cross together with their consequences – illnesses, poverty, rejection, etc. God offers his salvation, or forgiveness of all sins, in his grace and through faith. What man can do is accept that Jesus has died for his sins and surrender his life to God attempting to live by the Word of God.

Nowadays many people and organizations are trying to solve problems troubling the mankind. Increasing crime rates, incurable illnesses, alcoholism, drug addiction and poverty are some of the many problems that seem to have no final resolution. We believe that the resolution lies with God. An interview with preacher Kalevi Lehtinen conducted by a Finnish journalist illustrates this point best. He was asked why instead of helping starving people in third world countries he preaches the Word of God. He replied with a question: Does the world of rich countries not have enough spare food to feed all the hungry as well as means of transport to distribute the food? What in this case is the real problem? Is it not the spoilt human nature that lacks love of people? Only God can change man in such a way that he will start searching for other people’s good as if it were his own. Not to mention that God may in a supernatural way heal man, free him of addictions, make him capable of living life of plenitude in the society.

God, our good Heavenly Father, takes interest in every human and wants to change his life. God has never consented to lose human hearts that have been possessed by the bringing destruction sin. Illness, insecure future, poverty, rejection, loneliness, addiction, insecurity are only some of the consequences of life without God. That is why Jesus Christ, God’s Only Begotten Son, came to this world to resolve all these problems. In our actions we are especially sensitive to all the people in pain, illness, poverty, alcoholism, drug addiction or under the influence of pathological environments. We want to help the whole man –in his physical, psychical and spiritual trouble.

We are part of the Evangelical Alliance in Poland  www.aliansewangeliczny.pl