Program: "School and Kindergarten"

      Once again, as we did in the past, we have launched the "School and Kindergarten" Program that aims to reach out to schoolchildren and kindergarten children from poor families. We will cooperate with school counsellors who will help us distribute stationery, toys and chalk. This is why we are looking for companies, manufacturers and sponsors who wish to join the Program by donating stationery and toys or by making a financial contribution to our bank account with a note "School and Kindergarten".

     Thank you in advance for your support and help!




     On 7 July 2012 the Centre has been officially opened!
    For a week we hosted a missionary group from Belarus. It was our fourth time together. They took us to town streets, a children’s home, showed us how to touch one’s heart, they shared what they can. They presented dramas, pantomimes, sang rap songs. Thank you! We are looking forward to the next time with You! At that time we began enrolment to the community centre that is starting in August. We already have 30 children in our list, who have taken part in the activities we have organized.

    We have also visited another community centre: “Fabryka U?miechów” (“The Factory of Smiles”) in Mys?owice. These are unforgettable memories

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- group from Belarus

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The remaining repair and renovation work:

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