Every person who knows us or is familiar with our work knows how trustworthy we are. We ran the ‘Compassion’ Centre of Humanitarian Aid by the church. We focused our actions on work with children, young people and their families. We used to manage a community centre for 100 children in cooperation with school counsellors, bearing the simple message that “God loves you and cares for you”. Our aid reached children, families, kindergartens and non-governmental organizations. We handed out food, clothes, toys, notebooks and stationery, chalk, building materials but most of all - our time. We helped children and young people achieve better results at school. We organized birthday parties for kids and often found out that some children had never had birthday parties before, nor got any birthday presents. Thanks to our work with children we reached their parents and we could support them with food. The food aid amounted to 10 tons a month and was granted from the EU program coordinated by the Food Bank in Krakow. We organized a few days’ trips on Children’s Day and our reward were smiles of the children.

    The building where we were based used to be and old warehouse and we renovated it in three months thanks to companies and sponsors. The cost of the renovation was over 40 000 z?. We carried out our work for two years and the positive revolution caused by our actions was the reason why the building we had rented from the town was taken away from us. We lost everything in a month. The only thing that remained was contact with those we had worked with, their open hearts and gratitude. The whole activity of the church was suspended for a long time. As a result we devoted ourselves to work in other local churches, because it has never been denomination that mattered to us but people.

    Currently we are full of hope. We have found a building that meets our requirements. The building is 200 m2  large and requires a renovation because part of it is in a raw state. We need your help to reactivate our activity. We want to start over our work in the building by running a community centre for families whom we can show a different way of life, the God’s way! Your financial support, even the smallest amount, will give us this chance.

    Apart from the existing 200 m2 including a cloak room, the main room and a café, we now have additional 133 m2 on the first floor!

    We currently have all the necessary building materials for renovating the main room and the café.

   We have obtained or purchased the following: 10 windows, an external door to the building, 7 internal doors, 120 plasterboards, Styrofoam, 1 400 kg of plaster glue, 750 kg of tile glue, 85 m2 of floor tiles, 300 m of electric wires, ceiling lights, 8 grille lamps, bricks and blocks, steel frames for plasterboards, 2 WC compacts, a wash basin bathroom unit, taps, 150 m of water and central heating pipes, pipe fittings, elbow connections, pipe coating, a two-function gas heater for central heating and water heating, an electronic heating controller.

    The work completed so far: 10 windows exchanged, entrance door and interior doors to rooms exchanged and fitted, concrete floor levelling on Styrofoam, stairs to the building, plasterboard wall levelling, water and central heating pipes fitted, electric installation including 250 m of wires, partition walls in the office, in 2 toilets and in a bathroom, two-level hanging ceiling, counter in the café, ceiling lights and grille lamps, 90% of floor tiling.

    Any financial help, even the smallest amount, brings us closer to the opening of the Centre. We will greatly appreciate any financial support.

layout of the building with the final changes marked:


current logo:


    On 7 July 2012 the Centre was officially opened. On that day and for the following 7 days we hosted a missionary group from Belarus, who has helped us start our work with children.

    We will update our website with complete information about the work we have done, what we are currently doing and what we are planning to do in the nearest future.